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Hair Relaxer 550ml SUPER

Straightens and conditions hair for softer, smoother results.

Apply a protective base as vaseline to cover the skin around the entire hairline, ears and nape. Apply to dry hair. · Cover your shoulders with a towel. Wear protective gloves.· Divide your hair into 4 sections : front left, front right, back left, back right.· Apply a generous amount of Relaxer to natural hair only, avoiding the scalp and previously relaxed hair.If your hair has previously relaxed , apply the relaxer only to the new growth area. · Start application at the nape , apply generously, evenly and quickly.Making small parts. First work towards the crown and apply to the front sections leaving hairline until last.

Barcode Variant Box Content Box Weight Box Size
8691988006911 550 ml 12 6,80 325X220X195